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What we work on:
Collections, late payments, bankruptcies, tax liens, foreclosures, judgments, repossession and charge-off's. We will successfully remove 80-90% of your delinquent accounts or inquiries. 


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Piggyback program

After we remove the negative accounts from your credit we highly recommend that you also add one or more of our seasoned tradelines. With the combination of the credit sweep and tradelines you will regain your excellent credit status! 

Once enrolled into the credit repair each client will recieve thier own unique log in into our system where you can track what is in dispute, what has come off, and how your score has been affected.

Alief Financial Services LLC  will give you a free assessment to determine the best techniques. We use proven techniques,and our financial knowledge to conduct a comprehensive credit repair.

Your  Four Steps to excellent Credit

Credit & inqury Sweeps